A truck with upgraded suspension in Perth

5 Reasons to Leave Your 4-wheel-drive Suspensions to The Experts

If you are planning to go for an excursion, you will want to ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition. First, you must ensure that it has been… Read more Read more

Mercedes X-Class

Australia gears up for Mercedes X-Class launch in 2018

Mercedes Benz caused quite a storm in media circles with the unveiling of X-Class ute late last year, followed by a promotional tour of one of its concept vehicles in… Read more Read more

Stock Vs Aftermarket Suspensions – Is Upgrading Worth the Effort?

Casual 4WD drivers generally won’t find the need to upgrade the suspension on their 4×4, but enthusiasts who regularly take their vehicles off the beaten track tend to find that… Read more Read more

Five Signs You Need to Change or Repair Your Car’s Suspension

Your car’s suspension system is one of its most important components. While the engine provides the acceleration and the brakes enable the car to slow down and stop, it’s the… Read more Read more

How Your Suspension Works

Your 4WD places great pressure on its suspension system, especially when you’re taking on tough off-road environments. The suspension system is one of the most important components of any vehicle… Read more Read more

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