GVM Upgrades

Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) GVM Upgrades

West Coast Suspension is authorised to supply and fit Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) GVM upgrades for many of today’s popular vehicles.  This enables the operator to legally carry up to 600kg over the factory stipulated GVM.

Each kit has been fully certified under RVCS (Road Vehicle Certification System) by the federal Dept. of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

GVM upgrades are issued with a silver or green modification compliance plate fitted next to the OEM compliance plate, stating vehicle particulars and approval number issued as Second Stage Manufacture. The suspension modification and fixing of the silver modification plate must be done prior to any other modifications and must be done prior to the vehicle being licensed.

Suspension kits typically consist of:



Current Vehicles available for GVM Upgrades

Make & Model Factory GVM (KG) RVCS Approval # Extra Load (KG) WCS GVM (KG)
Ford PX Ranger 3200 47899 300 3500
Holden RG Colorado 3150 49093 150 3300
Isuzu D-Max 3050 49113 250 3300
Toyota Gen 8 Hilux 3000 47898 300-500 3300-3500
Toyota VDJ79 Cruiser S/Cab 3400 47230 500 3900
Toyota VDJ79 Cruiser D/Cab 3300 47230 600 3900
Toyota VDJ78 Cruiser Wagon 3300 47230 600 3900
Toyota VDJ76 Cruiser Wagon 3060 47230 440 3500
Toyota 200 Cruiser Wagon (NB1) 3350 49103 450 3800
Toyota 200 Cruiser Wagon (MC) 3350 49557 450 3800

Please be aware that these kits must be fitted by a DOTARS approved manufacturing facility.

Note: All relevant forms are available from West Coast Suspension staff at time of order.

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