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GVM Upgrades

West Coast Suspensions is a federally approved second stage manufacturer (SSM) and are able to supply and fit GVM upgrades to pre-licenced vehicles.  WCS can also supply and fit GVM upgrades to licenced vehicles under the WA state based type approval (TA) system.

Each kit has been ESC & brake tested then fully certified under either RVCS or RVSA (Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018) by the federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

While testing new GVM upgrades, WCS also have FEA analysis carried out on OEM suspension components such as control arms, knuckles and diff housings to ensure each OEM part retained is up to the task of carrying the extra payload.

Each GVM suspension upgrade is issued with a SVI (Secure Vehicle Identification) sticker for SSM or a vehicle compliance plate for TA, fitted next to the OEM compliance plate, stating vehicle particulars and approval number.

SSM modification and fixing of the SVI sticker must be done prior to any other modifications and must be done prior to the vehicle being licensed.

For vehicles that have already been licenced, the GVM certification process varies depending on state or territory. The vehicle may be need to be inspected by an authorised Automotive Engineer to comply with that state or territory’s GVM compliance requirements. 

WCS GVM upgrades only increase the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).  They do NOT increase the Gross Combined Mass (GCM) or Braked Towing Capacity (BTC).

Current Vehicles available for GVM Upgrades

Make & Model OEM Approval # WCS Approval # Extra Load (kg) WCS GVM (kg)
Ford Ranger 2 PX & PX2 43280 47899 300 3500
Ford Ranger 2 PX3 43280 47899 300 3500
Ford Ranger 3 PY 60289 63141 up to 420 3650
Holden Colorado RG2 47708 49093 150 3300
Isuzu D-Max RT 43971 49113 250 3300
Isuzu D-Max RG 50736 51673 450 3450
Mazda BT-50C 50871 51677 450 3450
Toyota Gen 8 Hilux 47341/49271 47898 up to 500 3300-3500
Toyota  76 Series LandCruiser 03477 47230 450 3510
Toyota 78/79 Series LandCruiser 03477 47230 up to 600 3900
Toyota 78/79 Series LandCruiser J7 60702 61452 690 4200
Toyota LandCruiser 150 Series LandCruiser Prado 41621 50666 510 3500
Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser (NB1) 43656 49103 450 3800
Toyota 200 Series LandCruiser (MC) 38469 49557 450 3800
Toyota 300 Series LandCruiser  51680 Coming soon! up to 720 3980

Please be aware that these kits must be fitted by a WCS approved fitter/manufacturing facility.