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The Benefits of Upgraded Suspension

>>The Benefits of Upgraded Suspension

A truck with upgraded suspension in PerthIf you have invested in a decent 4WD vehicle, you may well assume that it should come equipped with suspension that will meet all of your needs. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. Because major automobile companies must design their vehicles to appeal to as many drivers as possible, they inevitably have to make a number of compromises as far as suspension and other important components are concerned. If you are not a typical driver, you could find that an aftermarket suspension kit will do wonders for your 4WD vehicle.

What Do You Stand to Gain?

What exactly are the potential benefits of having aftermarket or 4×4 suspension or a completely new system fitted to your 4WD?

Ride Quality Tailored to Your Needs If off-road performance is your priority, fitting a lift kit can give you better ground clearance and increased load capacity especially when tackling exceptionally rocky terrain. This will also improve road handling, by fitting stiffer springs and reducing body and understeer etc. For those who wish to carry particularly heavy loads, which may exceed the standard GVM rating, upgraded suspension is a must.

Possibility of Fitting Larger Diameter Tyres If you would like to fit larger diameter tyres to your vehicle, whether for performance or aesthetic reasons, an aftermarket lift kit will enable you to do so without running into the sort of difficulties that are often encountered when attempting such a modification with a standard suspension system in place.

Increased Towing Ability When using a 4WD vehicle to tow heavy loads, the geometry of the suspension can be altered, producing a knock on effect on both tyre wear and fuel consumption. However, this undesirable outcome can be negated through the fitting of a high quality replacement suspension system. Therefore, if you are planning to tow heavily loaded trailers on a regular basis, you would be well advised to look into the possibility of replacing the standard suspension components on your vehicle sooner rather than later.

Greater Stability Whether you use aftermarket components that lower the suspension to produce a lower centre of gravity or that lift the vehicle 50mm but minimised body roll through stiffer springs, thereby improving the cornering performance of your vehicle, or that raise the suspension in order to keep all four wheels on the ground when tackling extremely challenging off-road trails, the end result will be greater stability in the conditions with which you are most often faced.

If you would like an objective opinion regarding the possible benefits of upgrading the suspension on your particular vehicle, please feel free to get in touch with us whenever convenient.

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