A truck driving on Gibb River Road.

Top 5 Off-Road Trails in Western Australia

4WD drive enthusiasts who live in Western Australia are spoilt for choice when it comes to off-road adventures, with some of the longest, most challenging, and most remote routes in the world to be found here. Whether you have a couple of days or a couple of weeks to spare, you can find a trail that will keep you fully occupied and test your vehicle to the limits. For those who are looking for a more relaxing experience, there are some easier routes in the area too. If you are looking for 4×4 suspension or 4wd accessories in Perth, check us out.

Our Top 5 4WD Trails in WA

With so many from which to choose, it is difficult to come up with a definitive top 5 but we are sure you will agree that the trails we have selected are all highly deserving of their spot in our list. The durations are approximate guides only: most people will tackle these routes at a more leisurely pace and the odd few will go hell for leather and complete them in half the time or less!

Some of the routes mentioned above require permits for travelling through Aboriginal land and if you are planning to tackle an arduous trail such as the Canning Stock Route, we recommend that you upgrade your suspension first (if you have not already done so). Unless you are purely in it for the driving pleasure, you are likely to take much longer to complete the trails than the indicated times.

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