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Resetting Springs

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Resetting Springs2019-05-29T06:22:46+08:00

At West Coast Suspensions we use a combination of hot and cold resetting depending on the vehicle application. Hot setting is recommended for full spring pack resets as hot setting helps to retain the “memory” that the spring is set to. Spring leaves are heated to a “black heat” around 350 to 400 degree Celsius prior to re-cambering, then allowed to “air cool”, which helps in retaining the new height setting. Cold setting can be utilised if it’s just a minor spring adjustment to close some gaps or to just set a new leaf or extra leaf into a spring pack. Each individual leaf is cambered to fit the leaf above to ensure the spring is as strong as possible. Resetting your leaf springs can help you get your vehicle back to its original ride height if your springs have started to sag. However, resetting is still just utilising the original spring pack so it can still settle or “sag” again over time, unless an extra leaf is fitted to reinforce the original spring assembly.

This resetting process is especially helpful when springs are harder to source (i.e. older & vintage models where new spring steel sections are not available) and is a cheaper option than custom manufactured leaf springs. If you are unsure if your springs can be reset due to their age or condition, it is best to bring them in so our spring specialists can determine if resetting is your best course of action.